Guest Testimonials for the Thin Places Ireland Tours

Gallerous Oratory - Thin Places Tour 2011

Gallarus Oratory – Thin Places Tour 2011

What Some of Our Guests Say About the Tours

I went on a Thin Places tour of Southern Ireland. My favourite stop was Newgrange because it was like journeying back into an ancient mystery. The best aspect of the tour for me was the beauty of the country and the spiritual adventure that we all embarked upon together to discover it.
~Paula Grover,  Ontario, Canada – Thin Places Tour of  Southern Ireland 2011

I went on the Thin Places tour of Western Ireland. We were never far from the Atlantic and each view of the rugged coast was more beautiful than the one before.   My favorite stop was the Hill of Uisneach in County Westmeath because there in  the geographical center of Ireland , you can see most of the country of Ireland. The views were spectacular and the landscape stunning. I could breathe Irish  history in the air there. The best aspect of the tour for me was exploring the quiet  back roads and rural ancient places far from the crowds. The  places we visited each embodied a unique dimension of Irish spirituality. The soulfulness of Ireland  and its people was revealed as one of the country’s great treasures .

Mindie , thank you for doing a fantastic job researching the history of each place we visited and finding local experts to guide us including our great Irish bus driver Mick. The logistics and details were handled perfectly too so that your guests could sit back and enjoy.  I have traveled a lot and have never had this much fun .
~ Kathy Sweeney – St. Paul, MN  Thin Places Tour of the West – 2012

I went on the Thin Places tour that covered the south of Ireland. My favorite stop was Hoare Abbey because of its beautiful and haunting setting, in the shadow of the Rock of Cashel, evoked such a strong sense of time passing and the lives lived in its now-crumbling walls. I like the tour because we could immerse ourselves in the magical atmosphere of Irish history, spirit, and belief: a combination deeply integrated and intertwined in the people’s character.
~Kathleen Roan, Seattle, WA –  Thin Places Tour of  Southern Ireland 2011

My husband loved our trip to Western Ireland with Mindie. Really a fun trip and Mindie is warm, informative, flexible, sweet with a fun sense of humor. Can’t do any better than that for a tour guide!  One of our favorite places on this remarkable tour/journey was the Hill Of Uisneach. Uisneach is considered to be both the geographical and sacred center or Ireland.There is at least 2,000 years of history on this hill and surrounding area!
We enjoyed everything about this tour and I could go on for pages about the unique and fun aspects of this tour but suffice it to say this tour was a joy with a joyful tour guide!
~John and Jill Phillips, Potomac, MD – Thin Places Tour of Western Ireland

It was a glorious trip which, without your sensitive leadership, might still have been great but you truly made the difference in bringing it to the highest level.  You are gifted, lady.
~ Tom Quigley – Annandale, VA – Thin Places Tour of  Southern Ireland 2011

a poem by Tom Quigley – guest on 2011 Tour

‘Twas Mindie Burgoyne who led her band
Through Ireland’s green and lovely land
And there among this motley crew
Were bards and poets, well one or two,
Who finally got to tune their strings
And sing their praise of Kerry’s rings,
Of Newgrange, Slane and Hill of Tara
(No we didn’t make it to Connemara)
Of holy wells and ruins rare
Of Bridget’s fire in sweet Kildare
Of hostelries, recalled without malice
Like Trinity Capital and the Cashel Palace
(From the lives of the people a pretty far cry
It was good to be a bishop in the old C. of I.)
The Brook Lane and Benners and the Clarion in Cork
(Sorry, not many words you can rhyme with cork)
But enough about all the many places
We traveled to—it’s on to those faces.
One that we’re all so very fond of
Was Persephone’s feaster, the lovely Vonda
And the duo of our Irish Rovers
Ione and Paula, the Ontario Grovers
And the third in our Canadian cozy
Rosemary Radford, the ever sweet Rosie
And while the rhyming juices still are flowin’
We salute dear Kathleen, the beautiful Roan
Now except for Dan I was the only Mister
But I had the good sense to come with my sister
And about her, there just ain’t no tellin’
What next adventure will find our Helen.
And lest this doggerel get to windy
Let’s wind it up with praise for Mindie
Thin Places leader extraordinaire
And Dan, her helpmate, what a pair!

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