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St. Patrick’s and St. Patrick’s – Twins, Curses and Blessings in Armagh

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Coming into Armagh from the Monaghan Road one gets a dramatic view of the city skyline, especially at twilight. The view is dominated by two buildings on two hills – St. Patrick’s Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Both are diocesan … Continue reading

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The Dark Hedges – County Antrim

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The Dark Hedges refers to an avenue of Beech trees in County Antrim. The trees are now over 200 years old and have become one of the most photographed places in all of Northern Ireland. Planted by the Stuart Family … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Chair – Make A Wish

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The old County Tyrone legend states that if you sit in St. Patrick’s Chair located in the Altadaven Wood, and make a wish – that wish will come true within one year. Mine did.  But I’m not telling .. because … Continue reading

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Kildare – St. Brigid’s Holy Well (Tobar Bride)

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Legend tells us that St Brigid was born near Kildare to a slave mother who was a Christian and very sickly. As a child, Brigid persuaded the Druid master to free her mother which in turn freed Brigid to enter … Continue reading

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Famine Memorial in Dublin – Walking in Two Worlds

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Of all the Famine Memorials I’ve seen in Ireland, the one in Custom House Quay in Dublin’s Docklands is the most moving.  Life-size sculptures of  gaunt, listless peasants stand almost as if in slow motion … wandering down the quay. … Continue reading

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A Walk to Athassel Priory

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written by John Cash about the road that connects Cashel to the town of Golden where Athassel Priory is located.   A medieval road that has so many stories to tell, stories of laughter, love, terror, murder & life. In … Continue reading

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7 Sites in Northern Ireland that Feed the Soul

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I remember visiting Northern Ireland in the days when the military occupied the border equipped with machine guns and combat gear.  I loved the north just as much then as I do now that the army, barbed wire and weapons … Continue reading

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An Ephipany in Ireland – Why do I Keep Going Back?

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Every year we travel to Ireland with a few guests and we share with them some of our favorite thin places, mystical places where the veil between the two worlds is thin.  I’ve been traveling to Ireland for the last … Continue reading

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Remembering Heroes and the Children of Lir

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Lir was the Lord of the Sea, in the days of the Tuatha de Danann.  He had four children – a daughter, Fionnualla and three sons – Aodh and twins Conn and Fiachra.  His wife died when the children were … Continue reading

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Thin Places: Irish Gateways to the Otherworld

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Thin Places: Irish Gateways to the Otherworld, by Mindie Burgoyne will published in 2014. The book is approximately 85,000 words and focuses on places where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin.  These could be places … Continue reading

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