ABOUT Thin Places Mystical Tours

Thin Places Mystical Tours was founded by writer, Mindie Burgoyne to escort travelers to sites in Ireland linked to spiritual power or strong earth energy.  All tours are focused on sites that are associated with mystical power, or sacred ritual.

The tours are not religious tours or associated with any one religion or belief.  Each tour is focused on sites in one of four regions in Ireland – the North, Southeast, Southwest and the West.  All tours include accommodation, ground transportation, admissions, some meals and a full time guide.

The mission of Thin Places Mystical tours is to show guests thin places – places where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin, to help guests actively engage with the Irish people, and to include a bit of fun in every tour.  With this balance the tour operators believe every tour is life-changing and creates life-long friends.


What’s included in the tours?

Frequently asked questions

What the Guests say

Recommended Reading before traveling to Ireland

Blog posts on various mystical sites


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